RCA and Defect Elimination form part of the PDCA continual improvement cycle of systematically identifying and evaluating possible solutions, assessing the results, and implementing the ones that do work.


At the heart of the reliability improvement initiative is root cause analysis. Identifying the real cause of recurring problems provides solutions that will eliminate these  recurring failures. RCMI uses cause mapping with a strong focus on improving processes instead of blaming personnel. This fosters the way to an open flow of information and assist in determining the root causes of failure. Excel RCA templates are used to capture details of the incident, cause map the analysis and summarize the root causes and possible solutions. 



Winston Ledet identified the value of defect elimination when working for du Pont during the early 2000's. Focussing on improvement in the maintenance workflow (planning & scheduling) presented a 5% improvement in plant up-time whereas adding defect elimination presented a 19% (combined) improvement. A well structured defect elimination program can present such improvement.