At the heart of any production process is the control and monitoring system that provides information on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), the universally accepted best production performance monitoring KPI. This also provides a finger on the reliability pulse with many improvement  opportunities when recurring failure reasons are identified and eliminated. Although the OEE concept is fairly straight forward and can be presented in a very simplistic model, it can also bring many challenges when trying to improve more complex processes. Working with specialists such as OEE.Cloud, their Institute for Productivity and drawing on their years of experience as Porche consultants, strengthens RCMI's position to assist with OEE improvement projects.

Whether interfacing to existing system sensors or installing OEE.Cloud's Industry 4.0 type system, RCMI (with expert backing from OEE.Cloud) will be able to assist with OEE improvement projects implementing and supporting the following Oee.Cloud elements.


  • Industry 4.0 Software Platform

  • IOT sensors

  • 4G/WiFi Gateways

  • Andoid/IOS mobile devices used for feedback of stoppage reasons

  • Andon board online display of OEE values.


The Factory


The Technology


The Results