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Digitizing the Maintenance Processes

We partner with Innovapptive to provide you with a SAP PM or IBM Maximo Mobile Solution.


Innovapptive’s Connected Worker Platform solves the disconnected digital technology challenge through the use of a single unified platform with different applications.


In asset-intensive industries, optimizing production processes while ensuring compliance with strict safety and operational standards is crucial. Introducing mRounds - a mobile operator rounds platform designed to empower production operators with real-time field data, enabling them to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive productivity to new heights.



We’ve designed a Maintenance Control Center deeply integrated with the mWorkOrder mobile app. Supervisors and managers can now assign work orders to maintenance workers, send notifications, see real-time spare parts availability and kit status, and monitor work order progress from a single interface. Field workers can execute work orders within a paperless process. All necessary information is readily available at their fingertips and field work can be documented directly through the app.  The Work Instructions Authoring tool enables planners to create and integrate Digital Work Instructions directly to work orders to ensure a seamless connected worker experience. 


Rounding it off is the Spare Parts Control Center through which the managers can assign and monitor warehouse tasks such as kitting of work orders to workers. It is integrated with the mInventory mobile app which digitizes all warehouse processes to ensure maintenance teams receive the right parts at the right time to increase productivity.


For more information on the Innovapptive solution, goto 

Connected Worker Solutions for Maintenance, Operations & Supply Chain (

Optimising Maintenance Processes (PMO)

The digitisation process can be seen as a basic conversion from one domain to another. Or it can be seen as an opportunity to take a fresh look at the existing maintenance processes and revise these. Optimisation typically entails the following:

  • Asset Criticality Analysis is performed to identify critical assets and to ensure efforts are focussed on these assets.

  • Unnecessary and redundant tasks are eliminated from existing maintenance tactics.

  • Developing the digital processes allows procedures and inspection lists to be optimised.

  • Inspections lists are optimised for use with mobile devices with the introduction of these digital elements:

    • GPS position

    • Date/time stamp

    • Checklists

    • Binary options

    • Drop down lists

    • Comments/notes

    • Severity

    • Suggested corrective steps

    • Photographs

    • Videos

    • Approval, and

    • Signature.

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