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Digitizing the Maintenance Processes

We partner with d.Code Mobility to digitize the maintenance processes.

d.Code Mobility - Solutions for SAP Enterprise Mobility (

  • d.Code Mobile Plant Maintenance enables SAP Plant Maintenance processes from mobile devices.

  • Work requests can be generated in seconds and artisans/technicians have direct access to equipment and related information wherever they are.

  • By applying mobile technology, results are captured with improved speed and accuracy.

  • With more information available at the point of work, technicians not only work smarter, but also quicker and more effectively.

  • Route inspection lists are easily accessible, and the recording of inspections and readings are done electronically.

  • Capturing data for direct upload from the point of work to back-office systems (ERP) improve accuracy by 30 to 50 percent

  • Having accurate and timely data available means that managers and foremen can perform equipment performance analyses more reliably and quicker.

  • Improved productivity allows workers to perform more preventive maintenance, reducing unexpected breakdowns and emergency repairs.



Optimising Maintenance Processes (PMO)

The digitisation process can be seen as a basic conversion from one domain to another. Or it can be seen as an opportunity to take a fresh look at the existing maintenance processes and revise these. Optimisation typically entails the following:

  • Asset Criticality Analysis is performed to identify critical assets and to ensure efforts are focussed on these assets.

  • Unnecessary and redundant tasks are eliminated from existing maintenance tactics.

  • Developing the digital processes allows procedures and inspection lists to be optimised.

  • Inspections lists are optimised for use with mobile devices with the introduction of these digital elements:

    • GPS position

    • Date/time stamp

    • Checklists

    • Binary options

    • Drop down lists

    • Comments/notes

    • Severity

    • Suggested corrective steps

    • Photographs

    • Videos

    • Approval, and

    • Signature.

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